Global Missions Resident

“And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” -Mark 16:15 




Is God Calling You to Global Missions?

Our mission is to equip and empower emerging leaders to be effective missionaries and church planters in diverse cultural contexts worldwide.  

At the Abundant Life Global Missions Residency Program, we are committed to developing leaders grounded in biblical truth who are culturally sensitive and passionate about fulfilling the Great Commission.  

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Goals and Outcomes of the Global Missions Resident

Through theological training, practical ministry experience, and intentional discipleship, residents will be prepared to make a lasting impact on the kingdom of God wherever they are called to serve. We have 9 goals for equipping global missions residents: 

  • Develop your heart for God. 
  • Cultivate healthy relationships within your family and with others. 
  • Develop your calling in cross-cultural fieldwork.  
  • Ensure your theology is centered on the gospel.  
  • Build your faith and trust in God.  
  • Encourage you to regularly practice evangelism and disciple-making.  
  • Equip you to handle the Word faithfully. 
  • Develop your love for the Church. 
  • Instill the leadership skills needed to work cross-culturally.  

Phases of Development

The Global Missions Residency is divided into three phases with six developmental experiences to help you discover your calling, develop your character, and deploy you to fulfill the Great Commission.   

Orientation Phase

Become a contributing ministry staff team member. 

Maturation Phase

Develop character and competency while leading and serving cross-culturally in our city to prepare for missionary deployment.

Completion Phase

Application, assessment, and agency selection for missionary deployment.

Developmental Experiences

Ministry Experience: Residents will develop leadership skills and practical knowledge for effective cross-cultural work. They will collaborate with the Abundant Life Global Missions Pastor and the prospective people group they will serve.  

Leadership Coaching: Residents will have oneonone meetings with a resident coach to enhance their leadership skills and ensure growth in leadership competence.  

Personal Development: Residents will receive personal development training for their growth as individuals and Christians.   

Leadership Curriculum: Residents will gain valuable insight into ministry leadership while completing the leadership curriculum.

Church Culture: Residents will be trained to create a welcoming culture and build successful teams.  

Evaluations: Abundant Life pastors and coaches will provide feedback regarding the resident’s readiness for cross-cultural ministry.  

What Can a Global Missions Resident Expect?

Training Environments: Residents will participate in the Abundant Life Leadership Institute, lead a Live Sent Class, participate in a Live Sent City Team, and go on a yearly international mission trip. 

Weekly Activities: A resident’s weekly activities and schedule will vary based on their level of residency. Residents can expect to engage in scheduled teaching components, campus activities, and ministry training.   

Ministry Experiences: Residents will gain experience in cross-cultural environments, observe and lead in local and international discipleship environments, receive deployment training, and participate in other activities. 

Residency Schedule and Process

The Global Missions Residency is a two-year program that starts in August of the year you apply. After you complete your two-year residency, we will launch you out to the mission field. 

  • Year 1 will be spent on intentional and thoughtful development, shoulder-to-shoulder ministry, clarifying your calling, and coaching. 
  • Year 2 will be spent launching into your calling while continuing to develop as a leader with a personalized growth plan. 

Application Process  

  1. Complete the application.
  2. Receive confirmation email and complete the assessment. 
  3. Application and assessment are reviewed, and an interview will be set up if selected to move to Phase 2.

Residency Process 

  1. Once selected, you will begin Partnership Development, where you develop a team of financial and prayer partners.  
  2. You will begin your training and equipping.  
  3. Deployment begins. 


Applicants should have a strong call to plant a church, be actively involved in ministry, and meet specific requirements set by the program. A bachelor's degree is preferred.  

The residency is a 24-month process starting in August of the year you apply.  

You will get paid a monthly stipend and be required to raise a monthly support goal. Abundant Life Church contribution amounts may vary from resident to resident and may change from year to year.

You can start raising support after you are accepted into the program. We will provide training to assist you. After being accepted, you will begin raising support in June, and all support goals must be met by the end of August. 

Yes. We have found it beneficial to have in-person experience and hands-on training.  

The residency program is offered both full-time and part-time. Weekly hours and residency schedule will be individualized.   

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