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We beg God for showers of blessings, but we ask without realizing that black clouds must gather to bring them. Thank God for this ignorance because we might hesitate if we knew how God prepares us to receive what we ask.

Remember that Jesus was sleeping peacefully in the lower deck of the boat before telling the wind and waves, “Knock it off! You’re scaring the children!”

Let’s just admit we don’t yet fully know God’s methods, ways, His whereabouts or thoughts. God wants to answer prayers for our growth in faith and grace, but he knows a rod of discipline alone delivers us from the dangers of ongoing and childish ignorance. He comes with sharp, heavy shears to break up the soil in preparation for harvest.

God wants to answer prayers for our growth in faith and grace, but he knows a rod of discipline alone delivers us from the dangers of ongoing and childish ignorance.

When His hot irons blister both heart and hands we ask, “Is all of this actually necessary!?” The answer comes, “This is what you have asked.   This is the way Abba answers requests.”

  • Has this hot garbage you’re experiencing caused you to fear some sort of death as the only escape?
  • Can what you’re experiencing be recounted in some other past season of prayer?  Don’t pray for revival and make the mistake of asking God to stop short of the full blessing.

Let’s look at this trial season of trouble with profound new eyes saying, “God is giving me exactly what I asked from Him. I asked to experience the power and presence of God and I HAVE seen Him, but now my spirit is terrified.” 

Also, it is common for a person to become a spirit-poor as a forerunner of some remarkable blessing. Manoah and his wife received the highest joy of life and the height of their personal ambition by becoming the parents of a son (Samson) whom the Lord would use as a genesis of Israel’s deliverance.

They were filled with deep joy at the thought of it, but when Manoah heard from the Angel of the LORD, his spirit became so heavy he said, “We’re certainly going to die . . . because we have seen God.”  

Foreboding skies speak of showers of mercy and sweet favor is sharp affliction’s twin.

This was an adaptation of Spurgeon’s thoughts on Judges 13:22 found in Alistair Begg’s CSB Spurgeon Study Bible.

Tim Holman

Tim is a Student Pastor at Abundant Life. He grew up a pastor's kid, married a pastor's kid and they now have 5 pastor's kids.

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