What Is ‘He Gets Us’?  Sharing the Love of Jesus Super Bowl Weekend!

As millions of football fans come together to watch the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles battle it out for the title of Super Bowl LVII (57) Champions, those same millions will see ads focused on Jesus through the He Gets Us campaign.

What Is ‘He Gets Us'?

He Gets Us is a nationwide campaign inviting people to explore who Jesus is, what He said, and how He loved. While there have been questions about who funds the campaign or what the ad goals are, these are not the focus of the campaign-Jesus is. The goal of the He Gets Us campaign is people far from God will pursue finding out more about Jesus which will ultimately lead to having a gospel conversation with someone.

Simply put, He Gets Us is a “new movement that's aimed at raising the respect and relevancy of Jesus in our culture.”

Funding for He Gets Us comes from a diverse group of individuals with a common goal of sharing Jesus' story. Abundant Life is partnering with the He Gets Us campaign, not financially but in the follow-up. Our team has already fielded inquiries from people in our area, who have clicked on the links provided by the He Gets Us campaign, which has led to several spiritual conversations.

Why Is ‘He Gets Us' Campaigning During the Super Bowl?

A black and white photo of a football player with text that says "Jesus is in the Super Bowl!"

The Super Bowl has become one of the top-watched shows for its commercials. And Christ-followers everywhere are coming together to partner with the He Gets Us campaign, praying for curious and hungry hearts to be stirred as the ads pop up during the Super Bowl.

He Gets Us partners, such as Abundant Life, want to be living proof of a loving God to a watching world Super Bowl weekend and beyond. They want to see this campaign launch a movement that invites everyone to explore Jesus with an open mind and heart. The ads are not intended to answer the question “who is Jesus?” but rather pique someone's interest to learn more about Jesus.

Hope for a Fresh Perspective and Deeper Look

The greatest love story ever told will be shared on Super Bowl Sunday through the He Gets Us campaign. The division and chaos in our culture have caused a lot of confusion, anger, and bitterness surrounding faith, religion, and even the Bible. The hope of this campaign is that many people will take a fresh look at Jesus and what the Bible really says. The He Gets Us campaign seeks to target the millions of Americans who are completely irreligious, who are far from God and have no knowledge about Jesus. This is the goal of He Gets Us partners like Abundant Life.

As people explore who Jesus is, the hope is that they will see how… 

  • Jesus chose forgiveness when He was persecuted.
  • Jesus' family wasn't perfect.
  • Jesus lived when communities were divided by religious beliefs, political positions, income inequality, legal status, and ethnic differences.
  • Jesus struggled to make ends meet.
  • Jesus was in broken relationships.
  • Jesus was sick of hypocrisy.
  • Jesus confronted racism with love.

And still loved and welcomed all to receive Him. 

Bottom line: Jesus gets us. 

Where You Can See Living Proof of Jesus' Love in the Kansas City Area

Through Abundant Life's Peace Ministry…

  • Refugees are cared for and given opportunities to excel in their new homeland of the United States through the Agape Pamoja for African Refugees program. Most of the Congolese refugee community in their teens or older resided in refugee camps in Africa before coming to Kansas City.

Volunteers serving with Agape Pamoja partner with members of the Congolese community to host events, meet the physical needs of the refugee community, provide ways to build relationships, and foster peace.

  • Children are given learning experiences through the Welcome Center. The Welcome Center is Kansas City's Public Schools entry point for incoming English Language Learners students. Those who serve at the Welcome Center are a part of the child's learning experiences and help meet basic needs.
  • Inner city youth are reached through gospel-driven activities in their communities through the Hope Center, which serves economically vulnerable youth and families in Kansas City's east side.
  • People are fed through Abundant Life Food Pantry, which provides free food and other resources to those in need at 2 locations, Lee's Summit, Missouri and Independence, Missouri.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6). He gets us. 

Through Love KC Event…

  • Each year, Abundant Life partners with more than 50 non-profit organizations across the greater Kansas City area for the Love KC event.

“We love to serve the Kansas City metro, love to partner with non-profits to be living proof of a loving God to a watching world,” said Pastor Phil Hopper, Lead Pastor at Abundant Life and author of “Defeating the Enemy ”. Hopper continued by saying, “Kansas City's people are unique and diverse. They work hard, and we want to serve them because they matter.”

Jesus loves the world (John 3:16). He gets us. 

Through Abundant Life's Family Ministry…

  • Abundant Life's Family Ministry is committed to helping parents, grandparents, and caregivers have resources and tools available to strengthen and disciple their families. Abundant Life wants to see parents and families equipped to lead powerful spiritual conversations with the next generation.

Jesus' family wasn't perfect. He gets us. 

Through Re:generation

  • Regeneration is a program for life change. It helps men and women break free from emotional, spiritual, and physical strongholds and find healing from addictions to trauma in relationships.

Jesus was in broken relationships. He gets us. 

Through the Irresistible Campaign

  • The Irresistible Campaign is about empowering, equipping, and encouraging Christ-followers wherever God has placed them. It is about working together to multiply the love of Jesus so that new people are reached in new places.

The love story of Jesus is irresistible. Jesus loves us. 

How Can You Get Involved?

3 ways to live out He Gets Us in your life…

The He Gets Us campaign is an opportunity for Christ-followers to…

  1. Come together in prayer. Pray for hearts to be open, we remain mission-minded and courageous, and people will come to see their continual need for Jesus.
  2. Get involved in your city. Look for opportunities, such as through Abundant Life's Peace Ministry, to get involved with and go into different areas of the city to share the good news of Jesus.
  3. Find ways to reach new people in new places. Through the Irresistible campaign, we can see lives changed by Jesus. The partnerships developed through this campaign allow for the multiplication of the gospel, leave legacies, and care for the lost and “least of these.”

3 ways to discover more about who Jesus is and how He gets us…

  1. If you're a young professional or college student exploring your faith and want to know more about Jesus, consider joining us at Paradigm. You can join us online or in person on Tuesdays and 7 PM CT (more here) as we tackle difficult topics and hear messages relevant to college and young professionals.
  2. If you are a young adult or even an empty-nester curious about who Jesus is and what the Bible really says, join us at our new campus in the Crossroads district of Kansas City! Our first gathering is on April 9, 2023 (more here).
  3. If you want to read about who Jesus is and your identity in Him, check out these resources…

How to Become a Follower of Jesus

Who Do You Say Jesus Is? Jesus Tells Us in the 7 “I Am” Statements

How to Make Jesus King of Your Life

What Is My Identity in Jesus Christ? 

God has given us unique opportunities to learn about and share Jesus-to be living proof of His love to a watching world. We hope the ads might foster conversation about Jesus during and after the game. If you are watching the game with people who don't know Christ, see if you can leverage the moment for the gospel. Let's make the most of every opportunity (Ephesians 5:15-16)!