Equipping Children to Defend Their Faith

Children headed back to school.

If your children attend public or private schools, it is not uncommon for them to encounter situations where others disagree about their faith. As a parent, one of your most […]

Can God Make the Impossible Possible?

Yes! God makes the impossible possible. As long as He is the one calling you, as long as what He has impressed on you to do is aligned to His […]

How to Have a Christ-Centered Home

A Christ-centered home is more than a place where a Bible-believing family lives. It is a place of security, prosperity, and provision—not because the parents and kids who live there […]

What Is My Identity in Jesus Christ?

Many are searching for identity in today’s world. “Who am I?” isn’t just a question asked by teens and 20-somethings but by nearly everyone at any stage of life. When […]