Why Was Daniel Thrown into the Lions’ Den?

Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den because those in charge were envious. His “excellent spirit” distinguished him above all the governors and satraps (Daniel 6:3). Daniel’s godly integrity made him a threat to his enemies. But Daniel overcame! How do you apply Daniel’s story to your life? Daniel had the character of God, confidence in God, and was consecrated to God. His faith in God was worth dying for because he understood the promised reward would be bigger than anything he could live for. We, like Daniel, are thrown into the lions’ den of life. As Christians, we must know what it truly means to be consecrated to God. Then we can walk in confidence. Using Daniel 6 and the story of Daniel and the lions’ den as the teaching passage, discover 3 ways you can walk in integrity a certainty in a world gone crazy… Join us at Abundant Life as we seek His Kingdom first and discover how to enter Jesus' eternal kingdom and the promises that come with it.