What to Do When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned

What do you do when the worst thing you can imagine becomes your reality? What do you do when life doesn’t go as planned and takes a detour? 

Job’s story is a well-known story of grief, perseverance, and patience. His life was on track then disaster hit. His life went from bad to worse. 

But does Job’s story also give us a pattern of how to respond when life gets messy? Yes! 

Job did 3 things during the difficult season written about in the Bible. When examining the aspects of his story, you will know what to do when life doesn’t go as planned. 


1. Job made a choice.

Job fell to the ground and worshiped God. He acknowledged that the Lord gives and takes away. He praised the name of the Lord despite his circumstances. 

Determine the choice you will make now before the trial comes so you are prepared to persevere when life doesn’t go as planned. 

2. Job wrestled with God. 

Often, we think we can never question God. God can handle our doubts and questions. He wants us to bring those to Him. It is healthy to wrestle with God when life doesn’t go as planned. It forces us to ask why we believe what we believe and gives us an opportunity for deeper and stronger faith. 

Know it is okay to bring all your doubts and questions to God. He wants to hear from you. 

3. Job realized God was God, and he was not. 

Some things happen in life that we don’t understand. It is possible we aren’t meant to at the time. The reality is, the WHO is greater than the why. Job learned through his wrestling with God that God was bigger than all his questions and problems.

Remember and reflect on God’s sovereignty and our limited abilities. 

Join Abundant Life’s guest speaker, Josh Turner, who speaks from the heart about his struggles when his life didn’t go as planned. 

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