What is the Book of Hebrews About? | Hebrews 1

The theme of Hebrews is that Jesus is better than everything. He is better than the godliest person you know, better than any of the heroes of the faith, and better than any teacher or spiritual leader.

Three reasons Hebrews was written:

Hebrews was written to display Jesus’ supremacy and sufficiency.
Hebrews was written specifically to the Jews who embraced Jesus as the Messiah.
Hebrews was written to strengthen the wavering faith of Jewish followers of Christ.

No one knows for sure who penned Hebrews. God is the Author, but unlike the other books in the New Testament, the human author is not named. We do know that Hebrews is the New Testament commentary on the book of Leviticus. To prove that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, the author of Hebrews continually appeals to the book of Leviticus. We’ll see how these books fit together as we study them.

In the book of Hebrews, we learn that God has prepared three things for us through Jesus Christ:

Jesus Christ is our Sacrifice.
Jesus is our Priest.
Jesus Christ is our Place.

Join Pastor Phil Hopper in a study of Hebrews to learn how this important book applies to our lives today.

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