What Are the Dangers of Loving Money? Having the Right Money Mentality

Most people want to make as much money as possible to enjoy life as much as possible. But what does God think about this? He wants us to know the dangers of loving money so that we can be certain of the riches of the living God.
Prosperity gospel says…
God wants you to be blessed spiritually, materially, and physically. If you have these things, you must be highly favored by God. If you don’t have these things, then you aren’t highly favored by God.
The Poverty gospel says…
The world and its desires are all passing away. If you really love God, you won’t love anything in this world. You must be living in poverty to show you really love God.
Is it good to be rich or good to be poor?
Should I feel guilty about enjoying things in this life or live it up?
What is the right mentality when it comes to money?

Join Pastor Chad Glover as he tells us about…
The dangers of money
The power of money
The purpose of money

Pastor Chad explains the right money mentality, and it’s likely not what you think.
Money can be powerful and dangerous. The key is to use it with God’s purpose in mind.
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