The Power of Motherhood

The power of motherhood is to shape their children and future generations. While our modern culture sometimes teaches that women having children is a problem, God considers having children a privilege and the role of the mother of utmost importance.
The goal of motherhood is to train up our children to be more than “good” but truly godly! This demands we start early and do the hard work daily.
The priority and power of motherhood is to teach their children their identity. Children naturally ask, “Who am I?” Who they are is defined by whose they are. God created and made them, which is why God gets to define them.
“Self-idolatry” always results in a distorted identity. Teach your children who they are by teaching them who God is.
Join Pastor Phil Hopper as he teaches on the power of motherhood. Mothers can teach their children about their God-given identities by teaching them about…
God’s authority
Spiritual reality
Biblical community
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