The Names of God: Yahweh

Yahweh is God’s first name. This name reveals His nature as a personal God who desires a personal relationship with His people.

In Exodus 33, Moses wanted to experience God. He wanted to behold God’s presence and beauty so He could know Him better. God could not allow Moses to see His face, but He let His glory and presence pass by him.

God wants you to know His name to encounter His glory. He is not some distant deity that we pay homage to. He is not aloof and unaware of you. He wants you to know His name and be on a first-name basis with you.

Not only does God want us to know His name, He wants us to understand what He is like. He is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness. Yahweh is worthy of our praise.

Join Pastor Chad Glover to unpack the request, the revelation, and the response Moses experienced in Exodus 33 when he encountered Yahweh.

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