The Heart of a King: The Confidence of a Leader

Leadership principle: Kingdom leaders are consecrated to their cause because their confidence is in God.

God’s calling is for us to build an altar with our lives. He wants us to consecrate our lives to Him. You’re consecrated to that which you’re willing to give your life for.

God’s calling is for us to live a life of sacrifice. There is no such thing as a cheap sacrifice. A faith that costs nothing will accomplish nothing. David refused to bring an offering to God that cost him nothing.

Every part of our life belongs to Jesus. Following God’s calling for our lives demands more than a commitment. It demands a cross. We must be consecrated to Him if we are going to follow Him.

It is not too much that we should give our lives as an offering for the one who offered His life for us!

Join Pastor Phil as he shares how leaders can find confidence in God’s calling for their lives.

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