The Heart of a King: The Character of a Leader

Leadership Principle: The most effective leaders lead with a “limp.” The strongest leaders have learned they’re too weak to lean on themselves. They have learned they must rely on God.

Developing the character of a leader often requires a time of character refinement and growth in difficult situations. God grew David’s character in a cave so he could handle the pressures of the crown.

How does God refine the character of a leader in a cave?

1.) In the darkness, God shines the light on the hidden idols of our hearts.
2.) In the darkness, God shines the light on our pride that tries to hide.
3.) In the darkness, God redeems us from self-sufficiency and offers us refuge and protection.
4.) In the darkness, you discover what it means to be a worshiper.

The character of a leader is often produced in dark and lonely places. God was preparing David to wear a crown through the darkness of a cave!

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