The Heart of a King: Lessons on Leadership from the Bible

Leadership Principle: Your character, not your accomplishment, is the most important part of your leadership.

God rejected Saul’s leadership as king because he cared more about his fame than God’s name. Studying lessons on leadership from the Bible, we see that God cares most about our hearts because our hearts define our inner character (See 1 Samuel 13:13-14). Your identity inwardly defines your activity outwardly.

We can learn valuable lessons about leadership from the Bible by examining the life of King David. David’s predecessor, Saul, looked like a strong leader, warrior, and king. But he was very cowardly.

What did God see in David’s heart?

David had a heart of humility.
David had a heart of fidelity.
David had a heart that longed to be holy.
David had a heart that beat courageously.

God has a plan for you to be a kingdom leader in some capacity. Like David, you have been anointed with the Spirit of God for leadership in the Kingdom of God if you have received the Son of God!

Like David, God is calling us to worship, and He’s calling us to war.

Join Pastor Phil Hopper to explore what we can learn about leadership from the Bible by examining the character of a leader in the life of David.

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