The Heart of a King: Defeating the Giants in Your Life

Leadership Principle: As a leader, your courage doesn’t come from a lack of fear but a lack of self!

A giant represents anything that comes against what God is trying to do in and through your life. The giants you let remain in your life will try to rule.

How to Defeat the Giants in Your Life:

1.) Recognize your enemy.
2.) Remember who fights for you.
3.) Respond by faith.

Jesus came to set the captive free, but Satan desires to take the free into captivity. Since we are not strong enough to fight independently, we need a Savior. When you believe that God is faithful, trustworthy, and a promise-keeper, you will see a victory over the giants in your life!

Join Pastor Toshaun Avery to learn how to defeat the giants in your life and find victory in Jesus!

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