The Heart of a King: Building Your Inner Circle of Friends

Leadership Principle: The Law of the “Inner Circle” says those closest to the leader define the success of the leader. Choose your inner circle of friends prayerfully, carefully, and wisely!

3 questions to answer as you choose your inner circle of friends:

1.) Do they have a heart for God?
Jonathan’s heart connected to David’s heart because they were both men after “God’s own heart.”

2.) Do they have a heart for the vision?
Jonathan recognized what God was doing in David’s life. He gave him his royal robe and sword, recognizing David’s anointing as the next king of Israel.

3.) Do they have a heart for you?
Jonathan and David made a covenant with each other that extended to their families and their children, promising to always be for each other and never against each other.

Do you have an inner circle of friends that have these qualities? Join Pastor Phil Hopper as he shares the characteristics our inner circle of friends should have and how friendships can build leaders up or tear them down.

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