The Danger of Drifting from God | A Study of Hebrews (Part 3)

Hebrews 2 begins with a warning for those who are drifting from God. These ancient Hebrews had heard the good news that Jesus died for their sins and rose again. They hadn’t entirely rejected the gospel but hadn’t yet responded to it. They were drifting from God and in danger of drifting past their opportunity for salvation.

The currents of the world will carry you away from God if you are not anchored to Jesus. Many people don’t reject the gospel. They just fail to respond to it. Whether you reject the gospel or fail to respond, the outcome is the same. Those who drift away from God and do not respond to the gospel will die forever lost without Christ.

We need to get anchored to Christ because He died to save us from sin’s penalty so we can live eternally.

Three reasons to get anchored to Christ:

The work of the cross.
The wrath of God.
The witness of apostles.
Join Pastor Phil Hopper as he shares the dangers of drifting from God and how believers can stay anchored to Jesus.

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