Resting in God | A Study of Hebrews (Part 6)

Many Christians live at peace with God but never learn how to rest in God. Instead of resting in God, we work, wrestle, and worry over things that are not in our control. In Hebrews 4, the author of Hebrews warns his audience about this fruitless striving.

Work is about trying to earn God’s love and favor. Worship is done in response to God’s love and favor. When we rest in God, our response is not work but worship.

3 Examples of Rest:

1.) Creation rest.
2.) Canaan rest.
3.) Calvary rest.

We find rest when we trust in the complete sufficiency of the finished work of Calvary.

As Christians, our Sabbath rest is not found on a specific day but in a specific Person—the resurrected Christ! We rest in God when we recognize our co-crucifixion to live a life of submission.

Join Pastor Phil Hopper as he shares the importance of resting in God and how we can live in His peace.

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