Names of God: Jesus – Savior

God is very specific with the names that He reveals Himself with. The name Jesus means “Savior.” Jesus came to save us from our sins.

Romans 3:23 tells us that all of us have sinned, so we are all under the penalty of sin. We cannot save ourselves. We need a Savior.

As our Savior, Jesus offers us 2 gifts…

1. Jesus offers redemption.

God’s law demands perfection. Without salvation through our Savior, we are condemned to eternity, separated from Jesus. Since God desires a relationship with us, He sent His Son to pay the price for our sins. Jesus offers us grace and mercy through the gift of redemption.

2. Jesus offers a relationship.

When you receive Jesus, the Son of God, you become an heir of God as a child of God! God wants a personal relationship with you, but only you can decide to receive Jesus as your Savior.

Will you receive the gift of eternal life and a relationship with Jesus?

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