Jesus Is the Perfect Sacrifice | A Study of Hebrews (Part 1)

The theme of Hebrews is the complete sufficiency and the absolute supremacy of Jesus Christ. It was written to strengthen the Hebrews’ wavering faith and prove that Jesus is the One!

Jesus is the perfect sacrifice because He was completely sinless. He became a Man to become our sacrificial lamb.

The Son of God became flesh for three reasons:

1.) To express God’s Word.
God said it. The prophets wrote it. But Jesus came to show it! You cannot separate the Word of God from the Son of God. To grow in your relationship with God’s Son, you must grow in your relationship with God’s Word. The Bible is the written Word, but Jesus is the Living Word.

2.) To execute God’s Will.
It was Christ who executed God’s will at creation and God’s will for redemption. Jesus Christ is the perfect sacrifice because He took all our sins on Him to make a way for us to have a personal relationship with God.

3.) To exalt God’s Worth.
Christ did more than bring God’s revelation—He is God revealed. He is worthy of our worship. All of me for all of Him!

Join Pastor Phil in a study of Hebrews to learn more about how Jesus is the perfect sacrifice to atone for our sins.

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