Jesus is the Only Way | Hebrews 3:1-6

God has provided for every need we have in the Person of Jesus Christ. The deepest need of every human being is a word from God and a way to God. Without God's Word, we would never know the Way!  

Jesus is the only way to God. Through Him, God has provided revelation and reconciliation. Because we have received the Son of God, we are now called children of God. As His children, we get to dwell in His House as joint heirs with Jesus Christ! 

3 Things Jesus Does in the House of God: 

  1. Jesus owns the House of God. 
  2. Jesus rules the House of God. 
  3. Jesus provides for the House of God.  

Jesus’ house is comprised of believers, not simply a building. We are the House of God, and we are servants in the House of God. However, we are more than a servant to God. We are God’s children and His family.  

As servants, we are responsible for bringing the revelation of God to others and telling them that Jesus is the only way. As God’s children, we have received the inheritance of salvation through Jesus.  

Join Pastor Phil as he shares powerful evidence from Hebrews that Jesus is the only way to God. 

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