Jesus is Our Mediator | Hebrews 7

Hebrews chapter 7 reveals that Jesus is our Mediator, and His righteousness covers us before God. This chapter is the focal point of the Book of Hebrews because it deals with one of the most important aspects of Judaism—the priesthood. 

Jesus was not of the priestly tribe of Levi nor the family of Aaron. However, He is qualified to be a priest because He is a priest after the order of Melchizedek. Melchizedek’s priestly ministry foreshadows that of the Lord Jesus Christ. We know that Melchizedek was a “type” of Christ and not Christ Himself because he is said to have been “made like the Son of God.” 

7 parallels between Aaron’s priesthood and Melchizedek’s priesthood:  

  1. Unlike Aaron’s priesthood, the priesthood of Jesus Christ is for everyone—not just the Jews.  
  2. Unlike Aaron, Christ is both a Priest and a King.  
  3. Unlike Aaron’s priesthood, Melchizedek’s (Christ’s) priesthood was not based on family lineage. 
  4. Aaronic priests served only temporarily, but Christ’s supremacy means He will serve as our High Priest eternally. 
  5. Abraham gave a tithe to Melchizedek.  
  6. Only Melchizedek (Christ) could make us “perfect” and draw us truly near to God. The Levitical priests could not do that. 
  7. Aaronic priests had to offer sacrifices continually, but Christ’s sacrifice was once and for all. He was the perfect Mediator.  

Join Pastor Phil Hopper as he uses these parallels to illustrate that Jesus is our Mediator and perfect sacrifice. 

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