Jesus Is Better Than the Angels | A Study of Hebrews (Part 2)

Angels worship Jesus because they are mere servants while He is Sovereign. They are messengers and ministers, but Jesus is the Messiah. Jesus is better than angels because while they live to serve, Jesus lives to save!

3 reasons why Jesus is better than the angels:

1.) Jesus is better because of His excellent name.

Christ’s name deserves better acclaim because He died for our sins, rose again, and is now seated in heaven as King of kings!

2.) Jesus is better because of His eternal fame.

The term “firstborn” doesn’t refer to Christ’s birth but rather His rank. Angels worship Him because He is superior in authority.

3.) Jesus is better because of His everlasting claim.

As Creator, He has an everlasting claim over all creation because He is eternal in His deity, monarchy, and mercy.

Jesus is better than anything else in which we might put our hope. Join Pastor Phil Hopper in a study of Hebrews to learn why Jesus is better than angels.

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