Israel, Hamas, and the Second Coming of Christ

Does the war between Israel and Hamas have any prophetic significance concerning the second coming of Christ?

Everything we see happening in the world reflects the warfare in the unseen realm. Satan hates the Jews because they gave us the Savior King, who will forever crush his kingdom. Throughout their history, the Jews have faced one holocaust after another because if Satan can destroy the Jews, he can destroy God’s plan for a Kingdom.

God warns that He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her (Genesis 12:3). The events happening in Israel and the Middle East are setting the stage for the second coming of Christ. As we watch them unfold, we must remember that Hamas’s violence and brutality do not surprise God. One day soon, He will crush Satan’s earthly kingdom and the corruption of the nations and establish His everlasting Kingdom.

Join Pastor Phil as he shares the prophetic significance of the attack on Israel and how it points to the second coming of Christ.
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