Father’s Day | Letters From Dad

The biblical role of a father is under attack by the enemy of God. Satan hates the image of God in any form. The biblical role of a father displays the image of God. Therefore, Satan seeks to distort and destroy the image and role of fathers.
According to National Fatherhood Initiative, 45% of American children are not being raised by their biological fathers, and 25% have no father figure in their lives at all.
This attack has become the biggest social problem we face in America—fatherlessness.
Fatherlessness makes children…
4x more likely to live in poverty
2x more likely to be a victim of infant mortality
7x more likely to have a teen pregnancy
More likely to go to prison and abuse drugs and alcohol
The purpose of God’s Son—Jesus Christ—was to show others the Father. The purpose of all God’s sons is to show others the Father—this is the biblical role of a father.
ATTENTION FATHERS: Your children are shaping their views of God based on their views of you.
THE PROBLEM WE FACE: The enemy is waging war on patriarchy. “Patriarch” means “pillar.” We are called to be a pillar, a patriarch, and Satan has twisted and distorted this role.
Because of the sin of Adam, historically, there has been an oppressive and destructive operation in patriarchy. But this was never God’s intention.
God created men and women as equals, but not the same. He has given us different roles within the family.
Society has…
Reversed the roles
Rocked the roles
Erased the roles
As a society, we've made men weak instead of dealing with oppressive and destructive men. As a result, there are no strong men to stand up against the destructive ones.
It’s time for fathers…
To come home
To accept responsibility
To reject passivity
To lead courageously
Join Abundant Life as we explore the attack on the biblical role of fatherhood and dive deeper into what biblical fatherhood looks like…
D—A father who DISCIPLINES his children by giving them loving DIRECTION through correction.
A—A father who gives plenty of AFFIRMATION and AFFECTION. The greatest inheritance a father can leave his children is not his wealth but his life-giving words.
D—A father who defines their children’s DESTINY.