Establishing the Kingdom of God on Earth | Hebrews 2

In Hebrews 2, the author reveals several characteristics of Jesus to show us that Jesus is better than the angels. The author outlines God’s plan to establish His Kingdom on earth and redeem man.

God’s plan has always been for man to rule over the earth and establish His earthly Kingdom through Adam and his offspring. But when Adam sinned, God’s plan was temporarily suspended.

When Adam sinned, the dominion of the earth was transferred to Satan and his fallen angels. Angelic principalities and powers currently rule the world. But when Jesus comes again, He will restore what Adam ruined.

Hebrews 2 reveals four characteristics of Jesus that are essential for establishing God’s kingdom on earth:

Christ is our substitution.

Christ is our sanctifier.

Christ is our Satan-slayer who rescued us.

Christ is our sympathizer.

Join Pastor Phil on a deep dive into Hebrews 2 to learn about God’s plan for establishing His Kingdom on earth and what roles believers will fill in that Kingdom.

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