Daniel 9 | How to Pray Life-Changing Prayers

Unfortunately, prayer is often our last resort when it should be our first response. We know we should pray, but when we bow our heads, the words seem to leave our minds. As a result, many of us neglect the practice of prayer. Discover how to pray life-changing prayers by looking at Daniel’s prayer in Daniel 9…

There are 4 things to help you begin to pray life-changing prayers.

Know God’s Word.

The Word of God directed Daniel’s prayer. He read and reflected on God’s promise to His people. As Daniel read the prophet Jeremiah’s words, he believed and prayed according to God’s promises.

If you want life-changing prayers, know God’s Word and ask Him to do what is written.

Know God’s character.

Sadly, many of us don’t see praying as a privilege. Daniel 9 describes God as…

Great and awesome (verse 4)
Merciful (verse 9)
Forgiving (verse 9)

When we understand God’s character and see Him as worthy of all praise, we will start to pray life-changing prayers.

Confess sins.

Once Daniel understood God’s greatness and mercy, he started to see his own sinfulness. He confessed his sin and the sins of the nation.

Revival begins with confession and repentance. The purpose of prayer is not to change God’s mind but to change our hearts–this is what confession and repentance do.

Plead with God.

Daniel pleaded because he understood the heaviness of sin and the power of God. He pleaded, “Hear, forgive, listen, and act!” Prayer is the language of someone dependent upon God and pleads their case.

What is the burden you are bearing today? Join Abundant Life as we walk through Daniel 9 and apply these prayer principles to our lives.