Daniel 7 [Part 1] | Understanding Biblical Prophecy and the 4 Beasts

What do those 4 beasts represent? What is their significance? Pastor Phil at Abundant Life Church explains and applies Daniel 7 to our culture today.

What Did 4 Beasts Represent?

1. One like a lion, which represented Babylon
2. One like a bear, which represented Persia
3. One like a leopard, which represented Greece
4. The fourth was “dreadful and terrible,” which represented a “reborn” Roman Empire. This will beast will come at the time of the end with an alliance of ten nations—led by the “little horn,” the antichrist

What do all these kingdoms have to do with us? Everything.

We are all part of a kingdom. We are either part of the world’s kingdom, which eventually falls or part of God’s Kingdom, which is everlasting.

Who Has Dominion?

The Bible says that, because of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, Satan now has dominion in this world. He has hijacked the kingdoms of this world and deceived many. But the Bible also tells us that these kingdoms will fall. Then the King of Kings—Jesus Christ—will establish a kingdom on earth of everlasting dominion.

Who Is Your King? Which Kingdom Do You Serve?

Are you fully surrendered to the lordship of Christ? The Kingdom of God has to do with the rule of Jesus in your heart. The heart is the throne room of your life.

We all have more than one allegiance, loyalty, and loves. The question is this: Which one is your priority?

Join us at Abundant Life as we seek His Kingdom first and discover how to set Him as ruler in our hearts.