Daniel 7 [Part 2] | What is Your View of God

What is your view of God?

Do you see Him as a distant deity or a cosmic Santa? We need an accurate view of the Lord Almighty. We must get rid of any error in our thinking about who God is and ask Him to explode the boxes we have put Him in to have an accurate view of ourselves and the world.

Your view of God will never be clear until you see Him Biblically. God has preserved His Word so that you can know and see Him. He is not a God of confusion but of clarity. Pastor Chad Glover says this, “You need a Biblical vision of who God is so you can accurately see things the way they are meant to be seen.”

7s | Daniel 7 Reveals 7 Ways to See God
1. See His eternality
2. See His purity
3. See His authority
4. See His majesty
5. See His victory
6. See Christ clearly
7. See His royalty

Does this align with your view of God? When you see God accurately, it impacts the way you live. It causes your heart to swell with adoration, and the only response is to worship. Join us at Abundant Life as we seek His Kingdom first and discover the Biblical truth of who God is.