Daniel 12 (Part 3) | The 7-Year Tribulation—It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

The books of Daniel and Revelation are God’s letters written to warn us of the coming troubles, the 7-year tribulation, that will occur before Jesus returns to reign in His kingdom. But what do we know about the 7-year tribulation?
Daniel 12:1 says, “…and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation, even to that time.”
The Bible gives us the information we need to know so that we can respond with wisdom and understanding in these last days.
In this sermon, Pastor Chad Glover from Abundant Life takes you into the Word of God and answers questions about this 7-year period described as…
· The great tribulation
· The great and terrible Day of the Lord
· Times of Jacob’s troubles
You Will Discover…
· Who the 7-year tribulation is for and who will escape it
· How bad it is going to get
· What happens at the halfway point
· How you can respond to God’s letters and ready yourself for the coming day.
The main thing you can do to prepare yourself in these last days is to trust Jesus for your salvation. Have you done that yet? Join Abundant Life and find out more about the 7-year tribulation.
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