Daniel 10 | Understanding Spiritual Warfare and the Power of Prayer

Daniel 10 reveals the heavens as a great angelic battlefield. Daniel understood the battle and how to wage war. He entered spiritual warfare through prayer and fasting.
Through prayer and fasting, you become a danger to the enemy. Daniel prayed and fasted for 3 full weeks, entering a major battle for his people. Daniel also had a humble heart. His heart of humility prepared him for a revival and to stand in God’s presence.
In this sermon, Pastor Phil helps you better understand the power of prayer. It does more than prepare you for the battle. Prayer is the battle.
Find out how prayer and fasting release God’s power in the spiritual realm. Pastor Phil also answers these 4 questions about angelic hosts…
How does the Bible depict angels?
What are the assignments of dispatched angels?
What is the “chain of command” among angels?
How do angelic armies impact nations, regions, places, and people?

It is time to have warfare prayer
1. When you pray, invoke the highest name and the highest authority in the universe. The name of Jesus.

2. Remember, there is value in the volume of prayer.

3. The practice of fasting adds fuel to the power of prayer.

Do you want to live in Christ’s victory? Then join us as we learn how to submit to Christ’s authority.
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