Castles Part 6 – What Does the Bible Say About Discipline and Christian Parenting?

The goal of discipline in Christian parenting is to aim our children toward God so they become godly people – not just “good” people! If your aim is anything less than for your kids to be godly, you have the wrong aim. 

Every castle has walls and gates. Walls are for protection, and gates are for preparation. Biblical Christian parenting calls us to shape our children’s hearts into Christlikeness. 

How to shape a child’s heart into godly character qualities:

• Teach them to submit to authority. 

• Teach them to obey instantly.

• Teach them humility and to make others their priority.

• Teach them the gospel of what Jesus did at Calvary. 

• Teach them to give their heart to Jesus.

Join Pastor Phil as he gives biblical principles and guidelines for child discipline and Christian parenting.

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