Castles Part 5 – Prayer for Marriage Reconciliation

Satan’s strategy to bring about our family’s destruction is always through family division, but the goal in times of division should always be redemption. You must choose to build a bridge and use prayer for marriage reconciliation. Reconciliation will not come unless spouses pray together and decide to die for themselves.

4 Steps to Reconciliation:

• Have a heart of humility

• Take responsibility

• Give and receive forgiveness continually

• Extend much grace and mercy

How To Pray a Prayer for Marriage Reconciliation:

• Thank God for your spouse

• Repent of anything you’ve done to mistreat your spouse

• Ask God’s blessing over your house and marriage

• Ask God to guard your spouse and marriage from the wicked one

Join Pastor Phil as he shares a prayer for marriage reconciliation and how to build a bridge to close the gap between you and your spouse.

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