Book of Acts & Biblical Leadership (Part 8) | What Is an “Almost” Christian?

The world is full of “almost” Christians. But what does that mean? And what keeps someone from fully surrendering to Jesus? In Acts 28, we read how King Agrippa was “almost” a Christian. He understood Jewish culture. He knew the prophecies recorded in Jewish scripture. He acknowledged the logic of Paul’s argument and couldn’t counter it. Yet Agrippa couldn’t surrender to Jesus. Why? There were 4 things standing in the way of King Agrippa moving from “almost” Christian to full surrender to Christ. Seduction Pride Family Religion Acts 26:28 says… “Then Agrippa said to Paul ‘You almost persuade me to become a Christian.’” Join Pastor Phil as he teaches… About the 4 reasons Agrippa was “almost persuaded” What “almost” Christians fear the most The biblical leadership principles we can learn through this passage Let’s continue to journey through the book of Acts and discover what biblical leadership looks like and how we can live and lead by the Spirit of God. Don’t forget to click the “bell” to SUBSCRIBE to get more videos like this to grow your faith! Connect with us on Social Media ↴ Facebook: Instagram: Connect with Pastor Phil ↴ Facebook: Instagram: Web: Get the FREE download to go with this series, “Biblical Leadership Principles: Learning from the Book of Acts”: More information on our sermons: Do you want to see your life changed by Jesus? Visit our website: