Book of Acts & Biblical Leadership (Part 7) | Spirit-filled Leaders Live in Fear of God

Spirit-filled leaders live in fear of God, not in fear of man. This is a biblical leadership principle many of us in the Church need to understand for today.
But how do we apply this principle?
To the degree you fear God, you will fear no man. When you apply this biblical leadership principle, you…
Will not fear being “canceled.”
You will not be controlled by people’s opinions.

Join Pastor Phil as he…
Tells you 4 ways to make the gospel irresistible to a hostile culture
Reveals the real enemy in our culture
What the fear of man leads to, and what the fear of God leads to

When you look at the book of Acts, you will find that the gospel caused both revival and a riot. It was irresistible to some while reprehensible to others. The same applies to today’s culture. The gospel, by nature, is confrontational and divisive. It is good news to some but bad news to others. Our call is to present it and let the Spirit of God work in the hearts of those around us to receive it.

Let’s continue to journey through the book of Acts and discover what biblical leadership looks like and how we can live and lead by the Spirit of God.
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