An Eyewitness Account of Jesus’ Crucifixion | Resurrection Sunday

People claim that Jesus’ resurrection didn’t happen, that maybe Jesus didn’t die, and that He couldn’t be fully man and God. However, an eyewitness account of Jesus’ crucifixion is recorded in the gospels, proving the validity of His death and resurrection.

This eyewitness of Jesus’ crucifixion is from the perspective of a Roman centurion who presided over the crucifixion. This man had crucified countless convicted criminals, but he saw something different in Jesus.

While the soldiers scourged, tortured, mocked, beat, and spit on Jesus, He remained silent. He made no defense for Himself. The centurion saw that He wasn’t controlled by anger and bitterness.

Jesus cried, bled, and suffered as a man, but He did not fight back or curse the Romans. He was strong but gentle, like a lamb going willingly to the slaughter. After watching Jesus give up His life on the cross, the centurion realized that He truly was the Son of God. When Jesus rose from the dead, His identity as the Jewish Messiah was undeniable.

Join Pastor Phil as he shares the details of Resurrection Weekend through the eyewitness account of Jesus’ crucifixion.

Join Pastor Phil Hopper to learn how to love like Jesus did leading up to His death on the cross.

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