Lauren Boley

When Lauren Boley was walking in rebellion from Christ, her mom would text her and tell her that she was praying for her. Lauren ignored the messages, allowing her heart to harden toward her parents and God.  

Lauren had started college as a strong believer, but she eventually decided she didn’t want to live that way. Her parents tried to talk to her about Jesus and the power of prayer when she came home on the weekends, but she was unwilling to listen. In the back of her mind, she knew what she was doing wasn’t fulfilling, but she was surrounded by people who validated her decisions.  

During her childhood, Lauren’s mom modeled the power of a praying mother. She always stopped to pray whenever she felt prompted by the Holy Spirit. Her persistent prayers and faithful example eventually won Lauren back to Jesus. 

As Lauren raises her son, she prays that her example shows him the power of a praying mother. She desires to pray with the same urgency as her mom and constantly entrusts her son’s heart to God.  

“Being a mom makes me feel like I have the best job in the world, yet the hardest job in the world.” However, Lauren knows that Jesus holds the weight of motherhood, and if she’s near Him, He will bless her desire to be a praying mother.