Colin Dooley

“I was never satisfied. It was like trying to chase the wind.”

Colin Dooley was caught in a never-ending cycle of trying to satisfy himself with worldly things. But when he reached his lowest moment, he was desperate to find something to satisfy him longer than these fleeting pleasures.

After Colin’s brother received Christ, he came home and shared the Gospel with their entire family. He laid out the Gospel for Colin, but Colin could not understand why his brother would give up the party lifestyle for this new faith. He heard the Gospel, but it did not resonate with him.

On his deployment, Colin’s army chaplain explained what he needed to do to become a Christian. He told him that he needed to believe that Jesus died for his sins and rose from the grave, place his faith in Jesus, and repent. Colin did these things, got baptized, and started reading the Bible. However, he tried to prove that he could be a good Christian by doing all the right things instead of resting in God’s grace.

After six months of reading the Bible out of sheer grit and determination, he was exhausted. All his efforts to fix himself in his own strength failed. After hearing a sermon on the foundations of prayer and crying out to God, he asked God to give him a sign. God gave him a sign in the form of an angel walking across the sky in the middle of the night. He audibly heard God say, “That was one of my angels, and I’m letting you know that it’s ok, and I’ve got you.” At that moment, after six months of wrestling with the Bible and the Word of God, he understood the grace of God.

Discipleship played a vital role in Colin’s growth as a believer, and he wanted others to experience the grace and spiritual growth he experienced during discipleship. When he helped launch the Crossroads campus of Abundant Life, he saw a need for men who were not being discipled and started discipling them one-on-one and in groups.

He says, “There is no greater joy than knowing that the eternal investment of spending your time on discipling men and women goes on past yourself.”

Abundant Life exists to see lives changed by Jesus by being living proof of a loving God to a watching world.