Eliel's Healing

When Eliel Toledo faced the loss of his eyesight, he knew he needed a miracle healing, both physically and spiritually.

Eliel had everything he could want physically: a stable job, a growing family, and good physical health. But his heart was empty until he found Jesus. He recognized his need for spiritual miracle healing, but little did he know he would need physical healing, too.

After getting a dust speck stuck in his eye, Eliel received a sobering diagnosis from an eye doctor specialist. He lost sight for 15 seconds because of an injection to reduce the swelling in his eye, and at that moment, he wondered what his life would be without vision.

When he received prayer from a lady at Abundant Life, he felt something shift in his eyes. The doctors couldn’t explain what happened, but he knew he experienced a miracle healing of his eyesight. Eliel experienced God as Jehovah Rapha, the Lord our Healer, and his sight improved physically and spiritually. His story is a testimony to the miracle healing God promises we will all receive in heaven.