Amanda's Story

When I was young, I had heard about Jesus, but never knew Him or His love. It was hard to believe in love, having been born and raised by parents who were addicts.

I could not imagine God loving me. I mean, my initial reaction was, “Yeah right, then why would He let my life start like this?”

I despised them and promised myself I would never be like them. Yet, only a few years later, I was living exactly like them. I took pills to wake up. I took pills to fall asleep and I took others in between in an attempt to feel somewhat “normal.” In spite of all the drugs, I was still numb,still hopeless, and I believed I was going to die an addict.

One night, in pure desperation, I cried out to God, begging for Him to show me He was real and to save me. I sobbed endlessly in the shower that night looking up begging God not to forget about me! Everything in my life changed after that night.

I felt God’s strength and love in and all around me. I was surrounded by Him in a way I could never imagine! Days later, though, I was still trying to do life the old way, in my own strength. But, I couldn’t even get up to shower.

At that moment, God came to my rescue again and clearly spoke to my heart. He clearly let me know, “If you get there, I will clean you.” I got to the shower, (no energy was needed on my part,) and He washed my soul and spirit from head to toe. He held me through the painful withdrawal I was suffering and I can honestly say, to this very day He has not let me go.

I am clean now, after accepting Jesus as my Savior six years ago, when I was thirty. With Him, I now have compassion for my parents and their own journey. I have been able to forgive them and move on from my past.

God has given me the ability to have a true love for others and myself. I never knew that existed. Abundant Life played a huge roll in my salvation. It was the first time I could hear God talking to me in church, through Pastor Phil. I finally came to the place where I didn’t want to run anymore.

My next step, after accepting Jesus into my heart and beginning a personal relationship with Him, God led me to the “Living Free” class at Abundant Life which really helped me through my transition from my darkness to the Light.

I promise you, God will save you when you invite Him into your life – just call out and commit to following Him. There is not a soul on earth who can take your place, because He made all of us irreplaceable.