Christmas Devotional
and Video Series

See your life changed by Jesus.




Abundant Life

God’s Christmas Wish for You!

Do you want a Christmas devotional and video series that…

Prepares your heart to receive hope?

Keeps you focused on Jesus during this season?

Shows you the true wonder of Christmas?

This 4-part Christmas devotional and video series can be done on your own or with your family or community group. It can be done over the course of weeks or days—you choose! The videos include worship, personal testimonies of miracles, and teaching. Five questions and related Bible verses accompany each video.


Get more than 4 hours of teaching.


Questions help you get the most out of the teaching.


Bible verses accompany each teaching.

Christmas Wish Sermon Series

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The holidays are a busy time. Don’t let the busyness pull you away from the purpose.