Book of Hebrews Bible Study

See the Supremacy and Sufficiency of Jesus Christ!  

The Book of Hebrews Bible Study is a FREE, comprehensive, 25-week video series with weekly questions to help you better understand Jesus’ supremacy and sufficiency. Through the Book of Hebrews Bible Study, you will… 

Grow in your understanding of who Jesus is. 

Find Jesus as your anchor in times of chaos.  

See how Jesus is better than any position or prize we could ever obtain  

Discover the absolute supremacy of Jesus and live life abundantly!

Book of Hebrews Bible Study | Jesus Is Better

Jesus Is Better…  

The book of Hebrews says that Jesus is our High Priest. The high priests that came before Jesus were prophetic shadows. See how Jesus ended the need for a high priest and intercedes for us today!  

Jesus Is Better…  

The book of Hebrews says that angels can’t compare to the excellency of Jesus. Angels have power and are created higher than man, but Jesus is the Creator. See how Jesus is sovereign while angels are servants! 

Jesus Is Better…  

The book of Hebrews encourages you to find promised rest in Jesus. Through Christ, you have peace with God. See how Jesus can also give you the peace of God, no matter your circumstances 

Book of Hebrews Bible Study

Here’s What to Do…

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Gather with friends and family, read God’s Word together, and pause to discuss topics and passages at your own pace 

Begin to see Jesus differently.  

When you see the supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus, your faith flourishes, and doubts disappear.