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Abundant Life

The Book of Daniel Answers Tough Questions

Rich Truth

What current events are unfolding that line up with the biblical prophecies mentioned in Daniel?

Powerful Symbolism

What do Babylon, the four beasts, and the statue in Nebuchadnezzar's dream represent?

Prophetic Vision

What do Daniel’s dream and vision tell us about the future, and how should we respond

Go Through the Daniel Bible Study as a Group or Work at Your Own Pace!

The FREE Daniel Bible Study is a 24-page download that asks a series of questions associated with recorded sermons.


As part of the study, you will have access to extra edition teaching videos that go even deeper into the book of Daniel and an extensive Q&A video session with Pastor Phil!

Book Of Daniel

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There are sermons and extra teaching edition videos that take you even further into passages throughout the book of Daniel and other related scriptures.

Understand the times we are in.

God gives us the book of Daniel to prepare us for the times we are in and the times that lie ahead. Study this book with a group or individually and ask God to give you eyes to see what is happening in today’s world.

It can be a challenge to understand today’s culture through a biblical worldview. This FREE Daniel Study helps you do that. Understand what God is doing now and how He is preparing us for an everlasting kingdom.