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Why do we exist? We exist to worship God (Isaiah 43:7)! Revelation 4 and 5 tell us that we will never cease to worship our King. We define worship as “all of me for all of Him.” God spoke the universe into existence, creating us in His image. Our response is to lift up praises. Worship opens our hearts, inviting Him so His power can invade us. When we understand a fraction of His wonder and power, we are only capable of one response—worship!

Abundant Life

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Abundant Life

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Why Worship Is Important

Worship sets you on the path to your purpose (Isaiah 43:7), and it also positions you for warfare. Worshipping God centers your mind, will, emotions, and body to focus on Jesus. The enemy’s goal is to kill, steal and destroy, but when you worship, your soul is refreshed, and you sense how God is moving.

Abundant Life

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