Quiz: Discover Your Identity in Jesus!

Standing Firm in Your Identity Equips You to Battle the Lies of the Enemy.

Abundant Life

The Power of Knowing Your Identity in Jesus

When you know your identity in Jesus, you have God’s Word to stand on when the enemy comes at you with lies.

Combat the Lie That You:

Aren’t Blessed

Aren’t Significant

Don’t Have Purpose

“I felt God’s strength and love in and all around me. I was surrounded by Him in a way I could never imagine!… I promise you, God will save you when you invite Him into your life – just call out and commit to following Him. There is not a soul on earth who can take your place, because He made all of us irreplaceable.”


Abundant Life

Overcome the Biggest Challenges That Stand in the Way of Believing Your Identity in Jesus

Take this 6 question identity in Jesus quiz and…

Get you a printable download of scriptures about your identity.

Help you identify the lies of the enemy.

Provide you with verses that will equip you to stand on God’s truth.

The enemy is the father of lies (John 8:44). This download reveals the lies he speaks to you and gives you God’s Word—the sword you need to cut off the lies so you can stand firm in your identity in Jesus.

What's My Identity in Christ - Quiz

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