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ParentServe Team

Provide a fun, interactive and consistent ministry experience for all children at Abundant Life Kids! 


What Is ParentServe?

ParentServe is a rotation of parents or guardians who serve in Abundant Life Kids Early Years Ministry (8 weeks – 4 years old). Through ParentServe, parents or guardians of children 8 weeks to 4 years old serve in our early-year classrooms one service, one Sunday, every 8 weeks. 

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Abundant Life is passionate about engaging parents while providing fun, interactive, and consistent ministry experiences for all children. ParentServe will help achieve this goal.

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Parents/Guardians of children 4 years old and younger who use Abundant Life Kids Ministry on Sunday morning services must serve 1 Service every 8 weeks. ParentServe is for staff
and non-staff.

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The ParentServe schedule is divided into 6 cycles per year. Each cycle lasts 2 months. One parent/guardian from each family serves
one service per cycle
(once every 8 weeks).

Why ParentServe?

We highly value the children God has entrusted to our care
and nurturing. We want Abundant Life Kids’ ministry to be
God-honoring and reflect the value He places on His children.
We believe putting parents in classrooms to actively participate
in the ministry of children honors God, is best for our children,
and is best for the parent(s).  

We know when parents actively participate in their child’s faith
journey, the planted seeds in their lives begin to bloom.

How ParentServe Works

Sign-up. Show-up. Step-up.


Online sign-ups begin June 4 at The deadline to register to serve is June 30. Sign-ups are first come, first serve to secure preferred class and time requests.


 Parents are asked to show up on time to serve. This means checking in as a volunteer and arriving at the designated classroom 20 minutes before the service time. If unable to be present, parents are responsible for using ParentServe Trade List to secure a replacement and serve another Sunday in the same cycle.


Every parent should sign up for each of the following cycles. ParentServe begins July 2023 with Cycle 6 and is required for all families using Abundant Life Kids Ministry for children 4 years old and younger.

Cycle 1:


Cycle 2:


Cycle 3:


Cycle 4:


Cycle 5:


Cycle 6:


ParentServe Team FAQs

For more questions, please reach out to the Abundant Life Kids Staff at [email protected]