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What Is ParentServe?

ParentServe is a rotation of parents or guardians who serve in Abundant Life Kids Early Years Ministry (birth– 4 years old). Through ParentServe, parents or guardians of children birth – 4 years old serve in our early-year classrooms one service, one Sunday, every 8 weeks.


Abundant Life is passionate about engaging parents while providing fun, interactive, and consistent ministry experiences for all children. ParentServe will help achieve this goal.

The Ask

We’re asking parents or guardians of children 4 years old and younger who use Abundant Life Kids Ministry on Sunday morning services to serve one service, once every eight weeks.

The How

The ParentServe schedule is divided into six cycles per year. Each cycle lasts two months. One parent or guardian from each family with children under 4 years old, will be asked to register by selecting a date, time, and classroom for each cycle.


Why ParentServe?

We highly value the children God has entrusted to our care and nurturing. We want Abundant Life Kids’ ministry to be God-honoring and reflect the value He places on His children. We believe putting parents in classrooms to actively participate in the ministry of children honors God, is best for our children and the parent(s). 

We know when parents actively participate in their child’s faith journey, the planted seeds in their lives begin to bloom.

How ParentServe Works

Sign-up. Show-up. Step-up.


Sign-ups for ParentServe are now open. We encourage you to sign-up one month before a cycle begins to ensure onboarding and to allow you to choose a date, time, and classroom that is most convenient for you and your family.


Parents are asked to show up on time to serve. This means checking in as a volunteer and arriving at the designated classroom 20 minutes before the service time.


We’re asking all parents/guardians of children 4 and under, who call Abundant Life their church home, to step-up and help us provide excellent care and ministry to our next generation by serving with your children one service, one Sunday, once every eight weeks.

Cycle 1: September-October

Cycle 2: November-December

Cycle 3: January-February

Cycle 4: March-April

Cycle 5: May-June

Cycle 6: July-August

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ParentServe Team FAQs

Parents or guardian of children birth-4 years old. Sign-ups are first come, first serve to secure preferred class and time requests.

We are asking that one parent/guardian from each household serve one Sunday, one service, once every 8 weeks. We have divided the year into six cycles reflecting these eight-week rotations. We’re asking one parent or guardian to serve once each cycle.   

ParentServe begins August 2023.

Regular classroom leaders and volunteers will continue to run and organize classrooms. Members of the ParentServe team will primarily be expected to provide supervision, assistance, and most of all, a loving and fun environment.   However, if you are interested in serving in a more consistent role as a classroom leader, please contact us at

We encourage you to sign up early each cycle to ensure you are able to select a date, time, and classroom that is most convenient for you and your family. During online registration you will be able to choose one service time, one Sunday, within the eight-week cycle. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences on service times and classrooms – whether you want to serve in a classroom, with your own children or serve in another age-group. We ask for some flexibility on your part so that all our classrooms are always appropriately staffed.

We know things come up, especially as parents with young children. We are happy to work with you. All we ask is that you work with our Abundant Life Kids staff to reschedule your ParentServe slot for another time slot during the eight-week rotation.  

Yes, we’re asking one parent or guardian of each family checking-in children 4 and under, to serve with ParentServe. Please work with the ParentServe Coordinator to ensure your parent and ministry serve times are compatible.

If you already serve within another area of Abundant Life Kids Ministry, THANK YOU! You may continue serving in that role so that we can offer all our kids a safe, fun, and consistent ministry experience.

We highly value safety and security, and that doesn’t change with ParentServe. We continue to ensure that every class is fully staffed to provide the correct ratios of adult-to-child protocols for excellent learning experiences and a safe and secure environment.

Our safety protocols for Abundant Life Kids do not change. Every ParentServe volunteer must pass a background check and go through training. We will also continue to observe and vet all serve volunteers to ensure our safety standards are met.

Abundant Life reserves the right to remove any adult from serving with children if we feel it is in the best interest of our children. Staff and Abundant Life Kids leaders will continue to oversee every classroom.

We’re glad you are here! First-time guests and visitors who have attended less than six times in the last year can visit the first-time guest trailer and check-in their children at Abundant Life Kids. Once a family has utilized our Early Years Ministry more than six times, we will ask them to participate in ParentServe.

For more questions, please reach out to the Abundant Life Kids Staff at