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July 26–30, 2021
Lake Williamson, Carlinville, Illinois

What is ONEWEEK?

ONEWEEK exists to see lives changed by Jesus. We believe if students were to give one week of their summer, God can change their lives forever. While at ONEWEEK, students will build relationships and gain an understanding of Jesus on their level in a welcoming and enjoyable environment. So save the date, and save your student’s spot today.

People of Prayer

On June 27th at all of our campuses, we will encourage our church to begin to pray for our students and volunteers going to OneWeek. If you are joining us in-person, you can pick up a OneWeek sticker to pray for our students. From June 27 to July 31, we are encouraging you to pray with us as we prepare the way for OneWeek21. If you’d like to receive email reminders each week as we pray, please sign up using this link.

Sign up to pray for ONEWEEK students

We are looking forward to how the Spirit will change hearts and lives as we prepare the way for students to encounter Jesus on their level. We would love for you to be in prayer with us as we countdown the days until ONEWEEK.

ONEWEEK is completely full—we can't wait to see you there!

Want to go, but not sure if you can make it happen?

Whatever the barrier, we’d love to talk about it and see if we can help. If you’ve got questions, concerns, or need financial assistance, please let us know.

Do you need financial assistance? We have a scholarship program for students who qualify for partial/full scholarship for ONEWEEK. If you are interested, please fill out the registration and the scholarship application to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

You're bound to have questions about ONEWEEK, and we want to answer them. Read through our FAQ below, and if afterward you still have questions, email our Student Operations Coordinator, Savvy, at

For questions specific to Covid-19, see our Covid FAQ section below.

Covid FAQ

We are looking to create a safe environment for all of our staff, students, and volunteers at OneWeek21. We will continue to update this page as each of these questions are subject to change.

Still have questions?

Email our Student Operations Coordinator, Savvy, at