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Offsite Groups FAQs

When will Off-Site Groups meet?
Groups will meet according to what works for the leader’s and participant’s schedules. Anytime during the week is fine, though we ask Groups to reserve Sunday mornings for family worship and serving opportunities at Abundant Life.

I am currently part of an On-Site Group (community group) on Sunday mornings. Can I be in both On-Site and Off-Site Groups?
While it’s physically possible to participate in both, we encourage you to pick one avenue to pursue. Why? Because we want to see, you have the most successful spiritual growth within a community as well as individually. Community will happen best when individuals fully engage in one or the other. Those who choose to pursue Off-Site Groups may consider serving on Sunday mornings. Similar to On-Site Groups, a variety of Off-Site Groups will be offered. People may be grouped according to their life stage (kids, no kids, empty nesters, single, etc.), their zip code, or even affinities such as cooking, motorcycles, and ballroom dancing!

If I choose to be invested in an Off-Site Group, should I still be a part of my On-Site Life Group that meets once a month?
Life Groups were designed to help break down the “bigness” of On-Site Groups into smaller groups so that people can experience community. Off-Site Groups provides the opportunity for a deep level of community through weekly times to connect as a group of twelve and encourages intentional communication (texts, phone calls, etc.) beyond the weekly meetings. It’s a way to go deep with fellow believers. For those who pursue Off-Site Groups, of course, you’re welcome to still connect with friends from Life Groups. But we encourage you to fully commit to pursuing new friendships with those in your Off-Site Group with the goal of doing life together.

How will my Group be formed?
Group Leaders may either personally invite people they know into their group or Groups Staff will be happy to assist with matching people seeking a group into open groups. Group participants will be matched into open groups based on life stages, zip codes, affinities and with much prayer!

I’ve never led a Group before. Am I ready for this?
Leading a Group may be a first for many, and that’s okay! We’ll help train, equip, and support you throughout this journey! Plus, if leading a Group isn’t for you there are many other opportunities to participate in Off-Site Groups including serving as the host home or being a Group participant.

What will my Group study?
During Group Connect, leaders are equipped with resources through the leadership of Abundant Life. Plus during special times during the year, all Groups will engage in a church-wide study at the same time.

When will Groups kick-off?
Spring 2019 Groups will officially launch February 3rd.