I Am Not Ashamed

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes…”—Romans 1:16




Abundant Life

Commit to Finding Your One!

Imagine if 1000 people committed to sharing the gospel with one person. What impact would that have? Join the Not Ashamed movement and commit to finding your one—one person to share the gospel with, lead them to Christ, baptize, and disciple.

Get Evangelism Training

We want to help prepare you to share the gospel and your story. Access the free video resource, Evangelism Training, that equips you with simple tools (and boosts your courage!) to share the gospel and your story. Together, we can fulfill our mission of seeing lives changed by Jesus.

Abundant Life

Get MySharePal App!

The MySharePal app takes your evangelism training a step further. Download the app and use your phone as a guide to help you start the conversation. Join with others committed to the Not Ashamed movement. Click the button below or go to to get started and be sure to use the codes provided below to join your Abundant Life campus group.

  • Blue Springs Campus: 90idq
  • Crossroads Campus: CRS
  • Independence Campus: tx7jr
  • Johnson Country Campus: AL-OP
  • Lee's Summit Campus: cygxs
  • Online Campus: t8bo2

Abundant Life

Share the Gospel and Your Progress

As you share the gospel with your one, share your progress with us so we can encourage and come alongside you on this exciting adventure. Let’s move forward by the power of Christ to share the gospel–unapologetically and unashamed!