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Because God first loved us, we love others. We desire to be living proof of a loving God to a watching world. So whether that is done through small ordinary things, common calculated care, or sacrificial extravagant gifts, God’s extraordinary love through us will change our city.

Love KC

Love KC has become one of the most rewarding outreaches we are able to host at Abundant Life. We sent almost 1,000 volunteers out across our city to serve 37 non-profit organizations at 58 different projects. Want to know more? Take a moment to watch the video below.

Connecting People with Jesus.


We believe that God has called us to build bridges that connect people with the real living breathing Jesus. He wants us to serve those in need and to love them unconditionally. So we mobilize hundreds of people—sometimes thousands—and we respond to God’s call.

Sometimes it’s a one-day citywide blitz called LOVE KC, and sometimes it’s investing time and energy in a local elementary school. It might mean feeding a hungry family from our Food Pantry or beautifying neglected parts of our neighborhoods. No matter how you get involved, you’re sure to impact lives in the process—including your own.